Visual Basic .NET and C# .NET Intermediate Tutorials

These projects and walkthroughs are designed to get you to an intermediate level. They are for both Visual Basic and C# .NET programmers. The code for both languages is included. Because VB and C# are both NET languages, the coding is not that different and you'll be able to pick up a second language without any problems.

You don't need to tackle the projects in any particular order. Just do the ones that take your fancy. The final project, the Stick Figure Cartoon app, will give you skills in completing a full program. It's quite long, so don't expect to finish it in one sitting! Good luck.

Ken Carney
Home and Learn

Project One - Image Manipulation A gentle introduction to manipulating images.

1. Rotate an Image

2. Flip an Image

3. Clone an Image

4. Manipulate Image Pixels

5. Inverting Colors

6. Save Bitmap as JPEG

Project Two - Image Information How to get information endcoded in an image

1. Project Intro and Form Design

2. Detecting the Image Type

3. Image Width, Height, Resolution, Pixel Depth

4. Image Metadata

5. Enumerations, Date Photo Taken, Camera Maker, Camera Model

6. Add Controls at Run Time

7. Getting the Colors Used in an Image

Project Three - Graphics Using the Graphics object to draw

1. Draw a Line

2. The Paint Event

3. Draw a Rectangle

4. Draw an Ellipse

5. Draw a Polygon

6. Draw Text

A SQL Server Databases Project A database project with two tables

1. Create a Sql Server Database in Visual Studio

2. Create the first table

3. Create a second table

4. Adding data to the two tables

5. SQL queries, Joins, Stored Procedures

6. SQL Paramaters

7. Creating a User Form with a DataGrid

8. Coding for a simple Stored Procedure

9. Search a database using a Stored Procedure

10. Update a database with a Stored Procedure

11. Write code for the update

Walkthrough 1: Code your own Email Client Learn how to send and receive emails using VB and C# code

1. Design a Form with Tabs

2. Set up an SMTP Client

3. Creating the Mail Message

4. Adding Attachments

5. POP3 Servers Explained

6. Start the Coding to Receiving Emails

7. POP3 Server Authentication

8. Check the Server for Emails

9. Get a List of Emails on the Server

10. Getting an Email Message

11. Parse an Email

12. Delete Email from the Server

Walkthrough 2: Code your own Picture Viewer A Picture viewer - click on thumbnail, get the big image

1. Intro, Design the Form

2. Selecting Images

3. ImageLists and ListViews

4. Big Images from Thumbnails

5. Adding a Zoom Feature

Walkthrough 3: Excel Data and Charts Project Create charts in VB and C# using data pulled from Excel

1. Introduction to the Project

2. Designing the Form

3. Connect to Excel with Code

4. Excel Ranges and Code

5. Combo Box Code

6. Displaying the Chart Data

7. Adding Months to the X Axis

8. Formatting the Chart

9. Chart Background, Titles

Walkthrough 4: Write a Text to Speech Program Write an app that speaks! Read Text Files, PDFs, Word Docs, Web Pages

1. Intro to the Project

2. Design the Form

3. Load System Voices

4. The Speak Button

5. Pause, Resume, Stop

6. Get File Types

7. Read a Text File

8. Read a PDF

9. Read a Word File

10. The Pronounce Button

11. Get Text From URL

Walkthrough 5: A Stick Figure Cartoon App Full program walkthrough! (Includes lesson on Version Control)

1. Intro to the Project

2. Design the Form

3. Add the Image Butons

4. Add a Trackbar (slider) to the form

5. Version Control in Visual Studio

6. Version Control and Branches

7. Version Control and Commits

8. Start the Coding - Get System Colors

9. Setting up our Pen and colors

10. Dealing with the Mouse X and Y

11. Bitmap and Graphics Objects

12. Creating a Stick Figure Dimensions Class

13. Drawing the Stick Figure Head

14. Drawing the Stick Figure Legs

15. Drawing the Stick Figure Arms

16. Adding an Undo and Redo feature using Stacks

17. Setting up a Stick Figure Woman

18. Add the arms and legs to the Stick Figure Woman

19. A custom font dialog box

20. Launch the custom font dialog box

21. How to get the Windows fonts

22. The OK and Cancel buttons for the font dialog box

23. Adding text to the cartoon

24. Saving your Images

25. Clearing the Picture Box