Microsoft Word Course

This is a full and free computer course for Microsoft Word 2007 and up to the latest versions. It is designed for complete beginners. If you're not sure whether or not you're in the right place take a look at Section 1.1 below, How to Open Microsoft Word.

Section One - Get Started with Microsoft Word  

1.1 How to Open Microsoft Word

1.2 Finding Your Way Around

1.3 Typing Your First Letter

1.4 How to Save Your Work

1.5 Highlighting Techniques

1.6 Opening Word Documents

1.7 Add an Address To A Letter

1.8 Spelling and Grammar Checking

Section Two - Document Formatting  

2.1 Crime Statistics Document

2.2 Bold Text

2.3 Italics and Underline

2.4 Seting Tab Stop Positions

2.5 Creating Bulleted Lists

2.6 Working With Fonts

2.7 Setting Up Page Margins

Section Three - Copy and Paste  

3.1 Techniques for Cutting Text

3.2 Cut and Paste Techniques

3.3 Copy and Paste Techniques

Section Four - Clip Art  

4.1 Inserting Clip art

4.2 How to Resize and Move Clip Art

Section Five - Multi-Page Documents  

5.1 Downloading a Text File

5.2 Setting Up Page Margings and Tab Stops

5.3 How to Insert a Text File

5.4 Setting Up Headers and Footers

5.5 Print Preview in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Section Six - How to Create a Booklet  

6.1 Downloading the Stories

6.2 Creating Your Own Word Style

6.3 Page Breaks And Section Breaks

6.4 Adding a Cover Page

6.5 Adding a Contents Page

6.6 Working With Section Breaks

6.7 Headers And Section Breaks

Section Seven - Microsoft Word Shapes  

7.1 Word Shapes - Create a Logo

7.2 Logo Continued

7.3 Word Art

7.4 Completing The Logo

Section Eight - Letterheads and Templates in Microsoft Word  

8.1 Create a Letterhead

8.2 Adding Columns to a Page

8.3 Saving Word Documents as a Template

Section Nine - Mail Merge  

9.1 Create a Mail Merge Data Source

9.2 Create a Mail Merge Letter

Section Ten - Microsoft Word Tables  

10.1 Tables in Microsoft Word

10.2 Table Styles

Section Eleven - Document Collaboration  

11.1 Document Collaboration

11.2 Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Section Twelve - Word Options  

12.1 Displaying The Word Options

12.2 Changing The Language Settings

12.3 Proofing Options

12.4 Advanced Options

12.5 The Quick Access Toolbar

12.6 Keyboard Shortcuts