Javascript Tutorials - Content Page

Welcome to the Home and Learn course for Javascript. Although it is aimed at complete beginners to the subject we do assume that you have some knowledge of HTML and a little CSS. You don't have to be an expert, though. Just the basics will do. (If you're not sure about the HTML then see our Web Design course on the left.) You don't need to buy any software for this Javascript course - you probably already have everything you need to get started.

Section One - Getting Started  

1. Software needed

2. Our Javascript Templates

3. A little word about debugging

Section Two: The Browser  

1. A First Script

2. Javascript Tag Placement

3. The Browser Object Model

4. Browser Window Methods

5. The Document Object Model

Section Three: Javascript Programming Basics  

1. Javascript Variables

2. Math Operators

3. Operator Precedence

4. IF Statements

5. IF ... Else

6. Comparison Operators

7. Logical Operators

8. Switch Statements

9. Javascript For Loops

10. Javascript While Loops

Section Four: Arrays and Functions  

1. Javascript Arrays

2. Javascript Functions

3. Function Arguments

4. Variable Scope

5. More on Functions

Section Five: Javascript String Manipulation  

1. Changing Case

2. Javascript indexOf

3. charAt

4. substr

5. split and join in Javascript

Section Six: Dates and Times  

1. Javascript Dates and Times

2. Customised Dates

Section Seven: Javascript and HTML Forms  

1. Javascript and Forms

2. getElementById

3. Email Function

4. Radio Buttons

5. Dropdown Lists

6. Checkboxes

7. Validating Forms

Sectiom Eight: Javascript and HTML Elements  

1. Manipulate HTML Elements

2. Create HTML Elements

Section Nine: Javascript and Images  

1. Image Manipulation

2. A Javascript Image Scroller

3. Javascript Rollovers

4. Javascript Timers

Section Ten: Javascript and Location  

1. Javascript and Geolocation

2. Geolocation and Google Maps

Section Eleven: Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas  

1. Getting Started with the HTML5 Canvas

2. Drawing Shapes on the Canvas

3. Circles and Arcs

4. Paths and Lines

5. Line Ends and Line Joins

6. HTML5 Canvas Gradients

7. Patterns as Fill Styles

8. Draw, Scale, and Slice Images

9. Timers and the Canvas

10. The HTML5 Canvas and Keyboard Events

11. Mouse Events with the HTML5 Canvas

12. Touch Events

13. Adding Text to a HTML5 Canvas

14. Aligning Text

15. The HTML5 Canvas and Drop Shadows

Section Twelve: Javascript Libraries  

1. Javascript Libraries