Home and Learn: 3D Games Programming (Unity C#)

This is a 3D Games programming course suitable for complete beginners. We're going to be using Unity, the market leader when it comes to games creation. Unity is free and the download details are in the first link in the first section below.


First Game - Create a car and a racetrack
Get up and running with Unity as you create a very basic driving game. By the end of this section, you'll know how to navigate the Unity software, how to add 3D Game Objects to a scene, how to create scripts, and a whole lot more. You'll be up and running! (For a better car game, see below.)


Second Game - First Person Shooter
Now that you have some experience with Unity, we'll up the pace a little as you learn the mechanics of first person shooter games. We cover a lot of ground here, from importing characters and models to shooting enemy soldiers, and a whole lot more besides.


Third Person Controller
In these two lessons, we take a look at Unity's new Starter Assets. In particular, the third person controller. You'll learn how to swap out the default robot and add your own character, and how to add some animations.


Extra Lessons - Unity AI
Some extra, stand-alone lessons here. They are to do with Unity's inbuilt Artificial Intelligence system. So, if you want, say, NPCs to amble around in the background, you need AI. It's easier than you think!


Extra Lessons - Unity Terrains
No coding required for these three lessons. You'll learn how to create a terrain in Unity using a heightmap. You'll add grass, rocks, trees, bushes, flowers,skyboxes, and water.


Car Game - Take Two
We revisit cars and driving in these lessons. You'll construct a much better car, with a nice body and actual wheels. You'll also construct some roads, add engine sounds, a speedometer, and a minimap.


Extra Lessons - Unity Health Bars
We'll be adding more Unity 3D tutorials here. Only two, at the moment. One on the subject of health bars and the other is how to fire a cannonball and demolish things - great fun, this last one!


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