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How to Set up your VR headset for Development in Unity

We're going to be using Unity to develop our VR games. So, obviously, you need to have that installed on your PC. Since this article is part of our games programming course, you probably already have Unity. If not, head on over to here to get it (it's free):


We're going to test our VR games out using Meta Quest 3. If you have the Quest 3 (or 2), you will need to enable developer mode. To do that, you need to set up your account here:


Click the link Download Meta Quest Developer Hub.

Install the Meta Quest Developer Hub

When you run the Quest Developer Hub for the first time, you'll be asked to sign in. If you haven't already signed up for an account, click the button to create a developer account. You'll be taken to a webpage where you can create an account and add an organization. (This can be anything, even if you're not part of an organization. Just make one up.)

The webpage will take you back to the Meta Quest Developer Hub where you can connect your device. It will tell you to go to the Oculus App on your phone. From there, you can enable developer mode. Follow any further instructions in the Quest Developer Hub (they change all the time, so we haven't got any specific instructions here).



Connecting your VR Headset to your Computer

Unity is installed on your own computer. And you hit the Play button in Unity to run your games. To see them in glorious VR, you need to connect your headset to you PC. If you're using a Quest VR headset, you can do this either with a USB cable, or via Wi-Fi using AirPlay. We've found testing your VR games a lot easier with a USB cable as AirPlay tends to drop the connection after a short while, meaning you'll constantly have to keep reconnecting.

NIOTE - You don't need to buy the official USB cable from Meta, which is an eye-watering $80, at the time of writing. Just get a USB cable from Amazon, or some other store. The cable you need is called a USB Type C cable. You may need to buy one with a USB 3.0 adapter. And you'll need a USB 3.0 port on your computer. (If it's a blue port, it will be USB 3.0.)

With your Quest headset on, access the Settings screen:

The Settings page in Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

From here, click on System.

On the next screen, click the Quest Link item from the left:

The Quest Link page in Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

Make sure the Quest Link button is enabled on the right. Then click Launch Quest Link. You'll see this screen:

Launching the Quest Link to a PC in Meta Quest 3.

If you have successfully connected, you should see the name of your PC under the heading Available PCs. Make sure it's selected and then click the Launch button. (You can switch to AirLink by toggling the button at the top. As it says, this will disable your USB link cable.)

When you click Launch, you'll be taken to the Quest Link VR environment. There's a panel of icons at the bottom of this environment. Select the one for Desktop and choose your monitor where Unity is running. When you see your desktop screen, and Unity, press the Play button on the Unity screen. The game will then run in VR mode.

If you did all that successfully, you're good to go. You can now move on to the first page in this course below: Getting Started with VR game programming in Unity.

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