Android Programming - Contents Page

This Home and Learn computer course is an introduction to Android programming for beginners. Read the first section below to see what you need to download to make a start.

Android uses Java as its programming language. Although you do need some Java skills, you don't need to be an expert, by any means. In fact, for the first few sections, you won't need much in the way of programming skills at all. Give it a try and see how you get on!

Section One - Getting Started with Android  

1. What you need to download

2. Getting Started with Android Studio

3. A First Android Project

4. How to Run Apps in Android Studio

Section Two - Android Layouts  

1. Android Layouts Introduction

2. Layout Widgets

3. Adding Images to Android Studio

4. Linear Layouts

5. Android Buttons

6. Android XML Strings

Section Three - Android Activities  

1. Android Activity Introduction

2. The Activity Project

3. Handling Button Clicks

4. Android Intents

5. The Android Manifest File

6. Intents - The putExtra method

7. The Activity Lifecycle

8. Android Bundles

9. Android CardView

10. CardView Settings

Section Four - Android Widgets  

1. Android Button Styles

2. Android Image Buttons

3. Radio Buttons

4. Radio Button Code

5. Checkboxes

6. The Checkbox Code

7. Android Toggle Buttons

8. Android SeekBar

9. The SeekBar Code

Section Five - Simple Lists  

1. Android Simple Lists

2. Simple List Code

3. Items in the List

Section Six - Custom Adapter Project  

1. Custom Adapter Project - Intro

2. Custom Row Layout

3. The Row Item Class

4. The CustomAdapter Class

5. Using the CustomAdapter Class

6. Launching a New Activity

7. Styling Row Items

8. Adding Gradient to Row Items

Section Seven - Alternative Layouts  

1. Alternative Layouts - Portrait

2. Designing the Portrait View

3. Designing the Landscape View

4. Configuring the TextView

Sectiom Eight - Android Custom Toolbars  

1. Android Action Bars and Toolbars

2. Toolbar Menu Items

3. Android Vector Assets

4. Coding for the Toolbar

5. Menu Items and New Activities

Section Nine - A GridView and WebView App  

1. GridView Project - Intro

2. Adding a GridView

3. GridView Items

4. Create an Array in XML

5. GridView Custom Adapter

6. Set the Adapter

7. Create a Landscape Layout

8. Create an Assets Folder

9. Coding for the WebView

10. Setting API Levels