What you need for this course

Course requirements

This is a free course on creating apps for Android phones and tablets. We use Java as the programming language, and Android Studio as the software. Although you do need some experience with Java, you don't need to be a guru, by any means. We have a Java course here on our site, if you need to get up to speed:

The Home and Learn Java Course

However, try the Android course out, first. If you get stuck, you can always refer to the link above.

Course Software

The software we'll use is called Android Studio. This is the official IDE for Android development. (It is based on IntelliJ IDEA software by JetBrains.) You can get Android Studio here:

Download Android Studio

It's a good idea to download Java first, though. (If you've done our Java course, then you've already got this.)

If you need to download Java, then head over to Oracle. The download you need is called Java SE:

Download Java SE

If you're missing anything, though, Android Studio will let you know, and prompt you to download missing files. It can take some time to download everything, so a little patience is needed.

Although you can download versions for the Mac and Linux, all the screenshots for this course were done using Windows 10. They shouldn't cause you any problems, though.

Once you have installed eveything you need, you can make a start on the course.

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