Microsoft Access - Content Page

Welcome to this course on Microsoft Access. It's only a short course, at the moment. I hope to add more lessons later. But for now, you'll learn all the essentials: Creating tables, adding data, linking tables, creating forms, constructing queries, and producing reports. If you'd like more Access tutorials, send me an email using the link on the left.

Part One: Creating the Database Tables, linking them together, and entering data

1. Create the Access Database and a Table

2. Database Fields and Data Types

3. Create an Access Table in Design View

4. Create a Dropdown list

5. Primary Keys and Foreign Keys

6. Create a One-to-Many Relationship

7. Data Entry in Microsoft Access

Part Two: Creating Data Entry Forms, Queries, Reports  

1. Create a Form for Data Entry

2. Create a Query to return results

2B. More on Query Criterias

3. Microsoft Access Reports

4. Using the Report Wizard

5. Report Headers

6. Page Headers