Microsoft Word 2007 to 2016

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Logo Continued

To add the T to the black background we created in the previous lesson, we need two more rectangles joined together.

With your rectangle selected, locate the Insert Shapes panel on the Format tab:

The Insert Shapes panel in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Click on rectangle to select it. Now draw out a narrow rectangle just below your black square. Change the height of your new rectangle to 0.6 cm and the width to 2.3 cm. (In inches 0.24 and 0.9.) In Word 2010 to 2016, if you have a blue rectangle, change the fill colour to white and the outline to black. Again, change the weight to 1.

We now need the white rectangle on top of the black square. Before moving it, though, click the View tab on the Word ribbon. From the Show/Hide panel select the Gridlines item. This will allow us to align the shapes with precision:

The SHow/Hide panel

Click back on the Format tab and your page will then look like this:

A white rectangle drawn on the page

To move your white rectangle onto the black square, click the rectangle to select it. Now hold your left mouse button down on the rectangle. Keep it held down and drag the rectangle onto the black square.

For a more precise alignment, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Keep it held down and press the UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT arrows. In the image below, we've not only moved the white rectangle into position but also moved the black square down a bit. (To move the black square, click on it select just the square. Now use the CTRL and arrows keys.)

One shape moved on top of another

To do the rest of the T, draw out another rectangle on your page. This time, make the Height 1.4 cm and the Width 0.8. (In inches 0.55 and 0.315.)

Move the new rectangle into position so that it looks like this:

The letter T created with rectangles in Microsoft Word

Notice that the new rectangle has a black outline. To get rid of this, make sure the rectangle is selected. Now locate the Shape Styles panel on the Format menu. Click the Shape Outline item. From the list of colours, select white:

The Shapes Outline menu

Now do the same with the first white rectangle: select it and change the Shape Outline to white. Reposition your shapes if needed and you should have something like this:

The rectangle outlines have been removed

You have used three AutoShapes to create a letter T on a black background. However, all three shapes are separate. You can group them together to make one shape.

To do that, you need to select each shape. So, hold the CTRL key down on your keyboard. Keep it held down and click the black square with your left mouse button. With your CTRL key still held down, left click on the first white rectangle, then on the second one. If you've done it correctly, your shapes should look like this:

Grouping shapes in Word 2007 and Word 2010

With all three shapes selected, locate the Arrange panel on the Format tab, and the Group item:

The Arrange panel with the Group item highlighted

Click the Group item to see a menu appear. From the menu, select Group.

The Group menu

If your shapes are not aligned correctly, you can click Ungroup instead. This will turn them into three individual shapes again.

When you click Group, all three shapes become one shape. You can test this out by moving the new shape around the page. If one of the three gets left behind it means you haven't selected them correctly.

Now that you have one letter done, try this exercise.

Draw four rectangles on your blank page and create a letter E. Use the following sizes for the rectangles: height and width of the larger rectangle, 2.0 cm by 0.7 cm; height and width of the smaller rectangles: 0.5 cm by 0.8 cm.

A letter E with Word Shapes

(If you're using inches, the sizes are 0.787 x 0.275, then 0.197 x 0.315 for the three smaller rectangles.)

When you have your letter E like the one above, group the four shapes. Then change the fill colour to black. Move your E next to the T and you page should look like this:

The logo so far

In the next lesson, you'll learn about Word Art. We'll use it to create the letter X for our logo.

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