Project Intro

Excel Chart Project: For C# and VB NET Students


In this project, we're going to take an Excel spreadsheet and grab the data from it using C# and Visual Basic .NET code. The spreadsheet looks like this:

Excel Spreadsheet for the project

We're going to make a chart out of this data. The chart will be on a Visual Studio form, and we'll do the coding in C# and Visual Basic .Net.

When the form is launched, it will look like this:

Visual Studio

The sales staff are all in the dropdown box at the top. We'll pull these from the spreadsheet using code and then add the names to a combo box. The combo box will look like this:

A dropdown list of values pulled from an Excel spreadsheet

Select one of the sales staff and then click the Get Chart button. The program then pulls the chart data for that employee. The chart will look like this when the button is clicked:

A Visual Studio form showing a chart with data pulled from Excel

You can select another member of staff and click the button again. That staff member's sales chart will then look like this:

A Visual Studio form showing a chart with different data pulled from Excel

There's a lot of complicated code to do in this project. But it will bring your programming skills on a treat!

Let's start with the form design. We'll do that in the next lesson.

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