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This Home and Learn computer course is an introduction to Visual C# .NET programming. It is aimed at complete beginners, and assumes that you have no programming experience whatsoever.

You don't need to buy any software for this course! You can use the free Visual Studio Express Edition from Microsoft. To see which version you need, click below:

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  > C# .NET: Getting Started with C#  

1. Getting Started - A C# Console Application

2. Saving your work

3. Your first line of C# code

4. How to Run your C# Programmes

5. Your First C# Windows Form

6. Adding Controls to a Form

7. Properties of a Control

8. Adding Code to a Button

9. C# Message Boxes

10. More about Message Boxes

  > C# .NET: Variables  

1. String Variables in C#. NET

2. Assigning Text to a String Variable

3. Concatenation in C#

4. C# Comments

5. Numbers Variables

6. Double and Float Variables

7. Double Variables

8. Addition in C# .NET

9. Adding up with float Variables

10. Subtraction

11. Mixing Subtraction and Addition

12. Operator Precedence

13. Multiplication and Division

14. Getting Numbers from Text Boxes

15. A C# .NET Calculator - Design

16. C# .NET Calculator - The Code

17. The Plus Button

18. The Equals Button

  > C# .NET: Conditional Logic  

1. IF Statements

2. Else ... If

3. Switch Statements

4. C# Operators

  > C# .NET: Loops  

1. C# and For Loops

2. Loop Start and End Values

3. A Times Table Programme

4. Do loops and While Loops

5. Checking for Blank TextBoxes in C#

  > C# .NET: Add Menus to your Forms  

1. Add Menus to Windows Forms in C#

2. Sub Menus

3. Menu Shortcuts

4. Code for your Quit Menu

5. The Edit Menu

6. Copy and Paste in C# .NET

7. The View Menu

8. Adding Images in C# .NET

9. Open File Dialogue Box in C#

10. Open a Text File

11. The Save As Dialogue Box

12. CheckBoxes and Radio Buttons

  > C# .NET: Debugging your Applications  

1. Errors at Design Time

2. Run Time Errors

3. Logic Errors

4. Breakpoints

5. The Locals Window

6. Try ..Catch Statements in C# .NET

  > C# .NET: Methods  

1. Understanding C# .NET Methods

2. Passing values to your C# Methods

3. Getting values back from C# Methods
  > C# .NET: Understanding Arrays  

1. Arrays in C# .NET

2. Arrays and Loops

3. Arrays at RunTime

4. Multi Dimensional Arrays in C# .NET

5. Arrays and Text

6. C# Collections - Lists

7. C# Collections - HashTables

8. C# Collections - Enumerations

  > C# .NET: String Manipulation  

1. C# String Variables

2. Trim Unwanted Characters

3. The Contains Method

4. The IndexOf Method

5. The Insert Method

6. PadLeft and PadRight

7. Remove and Replace in C# .NET

8. C# Substring

9. Split and Join in C#

10. A C# .NET Hangman Game

  > C# .NET: Events  

1. The Click Event

2. The MouseDown Event

3. KeyDown

4. The Leave Event

5. C# ListBox and ComboBox Events

6. C# Custom Web Browser

7. The TreeView Control

8. Adding Nodes to a TreeView

9. Add a WebBrowser to a C# Windows Form

  > C# .NET: Classes and Objects  

1. Classes and Objects in C# .NET

2. A First Class

3. Create Objects from your C# Classes

4. Passing values to your Classes

5. Adding Properties to your C# Classes

6. Using Class Properties

7. Class Constructors in C# .NET

8. Inheritance in C# .NET

9. C# Method Overloading

10. C# Static Methods

  > C# .NET: Manipulating Files  

1. How to open a Text File

2. Read a file line by line in C# .NET

1. Write to a Text File

2. How to Copy, Move and Delete a File

  > C# .NET: Databases  

1. SQL Server Express and C# .NET

2. Create a SQL Server Express Database

3. Create a SQL Server Database Table

4. Add Data to the Table

5. Datasets and Data Adapters in C# .NET

6. DataSets and DataAdapters

7. Display Data from the DataSet

8. Database Navigation Buttons

9. Add, Update, Delete a Record

10. Finding Records in a DataSet

  > C# .NET: Multiple Forms  

1. Creating Multiple Forms

2. Modal Forms in C# .NET

3. Getting at the values on other Forms


  > C# .NET: Dates and Times  
1. Dates and Times in C# .NET
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