Add Data Labels to an Excel Pie Chart

In the previous tutorial, you created an Excel Pie Chart that looks something like this:

An Excel 2007 Pie Chart

At the moment, though, there's no information about what each segment represents. We're going to add the numbers from our ITV viewing figures. These ones:

The Data for the Excel 2007 Pie Chart

To add the numbers from our E column (the viewing figures), left click on the pie chart itself to select it:

The Selected Pie Chart

The chart is selected when you can see all those blue circles surrounding it. Now right click the chart. You should get the following menu:

The Right Click Menu

Data labels in Excel 2013

From the menu, select Add Data Labels. New data labels will then appear on your chart:

Data Labels added to the Pie Chart

The values are in percentages in Excel 2007, however. To change this, right click your chart again. From the menu, select Format Data Labels:

Format Data Labels

When you click Format Data Labels , you should get a dialogue box. This one:

The Format Data Labels dialogue box

If there's a tick in Percentage, untick this and select Value:

Select the Value option

Your chart will then have the correct numbers:

The correct Viewing Figures are now on the chart segments

Overall, the chart looks OK. But we can add some formatting to it. in the next part, you'll see how to format each individual segement of the Pie Chart. We'll change the colour of one segement, and separate it.

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