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Review Number Three - Student Averages Project

Study the following spreadsheet:

Student Grades

The spreadsheet is the school exam marks of 8 students. A total of 8 subjects were taken. For this review, work out the Averages for all 8 subjects studied, which is in the K column above. Also, work out the Overall Averages for each student (row 11 above).

The first thing to do is to recreate the spreadsheet above. Or, if you don't fancy typing out all those values, you can download ours:

Download the Student Spreadsheet (Right click the link, and select Save As/Save Link As)

You can then use one of the methods for working out Averages that you have explored in this section. You're going to be needing your completed spreadsheet in a future section - so don't skip it! Next up, a look at how to calculate percentages in Excel

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