An Introduction to the Android GridView and WebView project

In this section, we're going to be looking at the GridView widget. Later on, we'll examine the WebView. There's loads of these types of apps on the Google Play store, and you'll learn how to construct one for yourself. Here's the app you're going to create: (The graphics are very basic, for this training app. But you'll easily be able to add your own.)

Android app in portrait mode

In portrait mode, this app has a grid with two columns. In landscape mode, the app will have four columns:

Android app in landscape mode

If you tap or click on an item in the grid, it will lead to a WebView that displays a HTML page:

Android app displaying a HTML page in a WebView


You're going to needs some files for this project. Download the pets project ZIP file that contains images and web pages. Make a note of where you're saving the file to.

DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE (24 Kilobytes)

OK, let's make a start. In the next lesson below, you'll start a new project and add a GridView to a layout.

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