Creating a New VB Project

So, if you already have your VB NET software open, you can get rid of the current project by clicking File from the menu bar. From the drop down menu, choose Close Solution. You will be returned to the Start Page. Click File > New Project from the menu bars. When you get the dialogue box popping up, choose Windows Forms App or Windows Forms Application at the top. Then change the Name from WindowsApp to Variables:

Visual Studio 2017 New Project

When you click the OK button, a new form will appear.

If you look at the Solution Explorer at the top, you'll see the name of the project has changed to the Name you gave it.

The Solution Explorer showing the name of the project

The name of the Project is now Variables - the same name as the folder that is created for you to hold all your project files.

Now that you have a new Project started, we can discuss Variables. We'll do that in the next section.

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