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Conditional Operators

The Conditional Operators allow you to refine what you are testing for. Instead of saying "If X is equal to Y", you can specify whether it's greater than, less than, and a whole lot more. Examine the list of Operators:

A list of conditional operators and their meanings

A word about And and Or. Notice the format with And and Or. The variable is repeated twice

If VariableName= 7 Or VariableName= 10 Then MsgBox "7 or 10 spotted"

If you just put something like this

If VariableName> 7 Or < 10 Then MsgBox "7 or 10 spotted"

then Visual Basic will give you an error message. What you have to say is

If [test the variable for this value] And [test the variable for that value] Then

Your If statement can contain an Else part, too. The format is this:

If [conditional logic here] Then

Some Code here


Some Other Code here

End If

But don't worry if all that hasn't sunk in - you'll get used to the Conditional Operators as you go along. In the next part, there's two little programmes for you to write. They will test the skills you have acquired so far.

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