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Section Three Exercises

Start a new project. Add a textbox, a Label and a button to your new Form. Then write a programme that does the following:

  1. Asks users to enter a number between 10 and 20.
  2. The number will be entered into the Textbox.
  3. When the Button is clicked, your Visual Basic code will check the number entered in the Textbox.
  4. If it is between 10 and 20, then a message will be displayed.
  5. The message box will display the number from the Textbox.
  6. If the number entered is not between 10 and 20 then the user will be invited to try again, and whatever was entered in the Textbox will be erased

Answer to Part One

Part 2 - Select Case Statements

Add a Combo box and another button to your form. Create a list of items for your Combo Box. The list of items in your Combo box can be anything you like - pop groups, football teams, favourite foods, anything of your choice. Then try the following:

Use a select case statement to test what a user has chosen from your drop-down list. Give the user a suitable message when the button was clicked.

Answer to Part Two

In the next section of this course, we'll move on to loops in Visual Basic .NET.

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