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Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

Half of the Windows 10 start menu is taken up with tiles. Some of these are static tiles, and some are live. The live tiles can tell you things like the weather, the news, or even give you posts from your Twitter account.

How to add tiles to the start menu

If there's a program you use a lot, you might want to add it to the Start Menu as a Tile. To do this, right click a program from the middle section. In the image below, we want Notepad as a Tile, so we've right-clicked it:

Selecting a program to add as a Tile to the Start Menu

Once you right-click an item, you'll see a menu appear:

Pin to Start in Windows 10

Select "Pin to Start" from the menu. The program then appears as a Tile on the Start menu:

A program added as a Tile to the Start Menu

To launch this program, we can now just click its Tile on the Start Menu.

How to Remove a Tile from the Windows 10 Start Menu

To remove a Tile from the menu, right click the Tile. From the menu that appears, select Unpin from Start:

Removing a Tile from the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Tile will then be removed from the Start Menu.

Rearrange Tiles on the Windows 10 Start Menu

You can rearrange your Tiles. To do so, Click on a Tile with your left mouse button and hold the button down. Drag the Tile to a new location on the menu, and then let go of the left mouse button. In the image below, we are dragging the Notepad tile up to complete the square:

Rearranging Tiles on the Start Menu

Rename a Group of Tiles

A set of tiles that you have moved to the Start menu can be given a name. Move your mouse to the top of the group:

Rename a Group of Tiles

You'll then see a heading appear:

Click where it says Name Group to see a text box:

Then type anything you like as a name:

Press the enter key to complete the new name:

A Windows 10 Tile renamed

Live Tiles

Some of the Live Tiles can be annoying. You can switch them off, though. For example, if you don't want the News Live Tile updating all the time, right click it to see a menu. From the menu, select More. From the More submenu, select Turn live tile off:

Turning off Windows 10 Live Tiles

If you want to turn it back on, right-click the tile again. Select More > Turn live tile on.

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