Windows 10 Taskbar Settings

If you already have the Settings screen displayed, click on the Taskbar item on the left:

If you can't see a settings screen, you can bring it up by clicking on the Settings item on the Start menu (bottom left of your desktop screen):

Start menu options

When you click on Settings, the screen may look like this at first:

Windows 10 Settings screen

Click on the Personalisation item to go to the settings screen. Then click the Taskbar item on the left:

The TAskbar item on the Settings screen in Windows 10

Most of the items on the Taskbar list are toggle switches. So, for example, if you want to automatically hide the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, click the toggle to turn this item on:

The toggle switch to automatically hide the taskbar

If you look at the bottom item in the image above, you'll see an option to "Use Peek to preview the desktop … ". This is what we turned on to get a preview of running apps. Click on the toggle switch to turn this item on, and it will turn blue.

The toggle switch for Use Peek to preview the desktop

If you want to squeeze more items onto your taskbar, toggle the Use small taskbar buttons item. The effect is this:

Small taskbar buttons

Notice that the Cortana search box has now turned into a white circle.

Taskbar Location

Although the taskbar is at the bottom by default, you can change this. You can have your taskbar at the top of your screen, or on the sides. To do this, scroll down until you come to the section called Taskbar location on screen. Click the dropdown list to see the following options:

Taskbar location setting in Windows 10

So you can select Bottom, Left, Right and Top. Try it out to see what it looks like.

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