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Computer Mouse Settings in Windows 10

You can adjust the settings for your mouse, if you're not happy with things like the speed it goes across your screen. To adjust your mouse settings, bring up your Settings screen. A shortcut for this is to hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (in between the CTRL and ALT keys on the left-hand side). With the Windows key held down, press the letter i on your keyboard. On the settings screen, select Devices:

Windows 10 Settings screen showing Devices

The screen will then look like this:

Windows 10 Settings - Mouse and Touchpad selected

Select Mouse &Touchpad from the list of items on the left. You'll then see these options appear:

Mouse and Touchpad settings screen in Win 10

There's not a great deal of options to change on this screen. But if you're left handed, you may want to change the primary mouse button. The primary mouse button is the one you use most often, and is clicked when selecting things. Click the dropdown box and you'll see that this can be changed from Left to Right.

To see a wider range of mouse settings, click the link below Related Settings, where it says Additional mouse options. You'll then see a dialogue box something like this one (yours may be different, depending on the mouse you have and the software that was installed with it):

The Mouse Properties dialogue box

Button Configuration is the first one. If you click the box where it says Switch primary and secondary mouse buttons then the right mouse button will be used for selecting things. This is just like the settings screen Select your primary button, and is useful for left-handers.

If your Mouse Properties dialogue box has a Pointer Options tab at the top, click that one to set the speed of your pointer:

Mouse Pointer options

Click on the slider under Motion to set the speed that your mouse pointer moves. Move the slider left to slow the pointer down, and right to get a fast speed.

If you need to see trail of the mouse pointer, select the checkbox next to Display pointer trails. You can set the trail to be short or long, depending on where you move the slider.

Another thing you can do is to change your mouse pointer. Click on the Pointers tab at the top to see a screen something like this one:

Customise the mouse pointer

Click the dropdown list at the top to see some Scheme options (the default is none):

Setting a scheme for the mouse pointer

Try some of them out and watch the Customise list change at the bottom. Here's the options for Windows Black (large) (system scheme):

There's lots more cursors you can choose from by clicking the Browse button, in the bottom right of the image above. You'll then see these options:

Browsing for a custom mouse cursor

Use the scroll button on the right to see more cursors. Click the Open button if you see one you'd like to use.

When you're happy with your choices, click the OK button on the Mouse Properties dialogue box.

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