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Desktop Background Colors - Advanced Users

A lot of us like to have a solid color for our desktops, rather than a background image. Unfortunately, Windows 10 only allows you 24 solid colors. These ones:

If you're happy with the selections on offer, simply click one of the color squares. If you want to select from a wider range of colors, however, the process is a little more complicated.

Right-click the start menu. Then select the Run item from the menu that appears. Type the following into the search box that appears:

control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper

Make sure you have the spaces in the right place, and that your spelling is the same as above. And notice the dot between Microsoft and Personalization. Click OK on the run box and you should see this screen:

Click the More link to see a color dialogue box:

Select the color you want and click OK. Then click Save Changes on the Color Settings screen that you launched from the Run box. Your new color should be set as your desktop background.

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