Working with Currencies in Excel

Take a look at the following spreadsheet, which you'll shortly be creating:

A Spreadsheet in Excel 2007

The C column has a heading of "Price Each". The prices all have the currency symbol. To insert the currency symbol, do this:

  • Enter some prices on a spreadsheet (any will do), and highlight the cells
  • With the cells highlighted, locate the Number panel on the Excel 2007 to 2016 Ribbon bar (on the Home Tab):

The Number Panel

Click the drop down list that says General. You'll then be presented with a list of options:

The Number Options

Click the Currency item to add a pound sign. If you're not in the UK, you'll see the default currency for your country.

To see other currencies, click on More (or More Number Formats in Excel 2013/2016).The Format Cells dialogue box appears. In the Category list, click on Currency. Select a Currency sign from the Symbol list. The dialogue box will then look like this:

Currency Options

Click OK to set the pound sign as the currency.

In the next part, you'll see how to Merge Cells in Excel, so that they don't spill over into other cells.

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