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Dates, Times, Color Picker

Dates and Times

You can have a calendar appear when a user clicks inside of a text box. Unfortunately, only the Opera browser does this. Here's what it looks like:

An HTML 5 popup calendar

Being able to select a date like this is a terrific innovation that hopefully other browsers will implement in the future. The HTML for the above calendar is this:

<INPUT TYPE="date" value="">

The TYPE is "Date", but you can have other TYPES:


All the other browsers will just show you a blank text box in place of the TYPEs above.

Colour Picker

Another form element you can add is a Colour Picker. This will be of limited use, and only the Opera browser has implement it. The HTML code is this:

<INPUT TYPE="Color">

In the browser, it looks like this:

An HTML 5 color picker

Again, it will just end up as a plain text box, if a browser doesn't support it.

In the next lesson, you'll learn about HTML 5 data lists.

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