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HTML Lists

You can insert a bulleted list onto your page with HTML. There are two types of lists to choose from: Ordered List and Unordered. An Ordered list is one that uses number, letters, roman numerals, or a combination. Like this:

An HTML Ordered Lists

An Unordered List is one that uses bullets. Like this:

An HTML Unordered Lists

To get a list with numbers or letters, this tag is used:



The OL stands for Ordered List, of course. But those two tags won't get you a list. You need to include another tag, the LI tag. LI stands for List Item. You need one pair of LI tags for every item in your list. So for three items, the code is this:

An HTML Ordered Lists with List Item tags

(Strictly speaking, you don't need the end LI tags.)

To get the bulleted list, the UL tag is used. UL stands for Unordered List. It's used in exactly the same way. Just substitute the OL tags for UL tags.

For both the Ordered and Unordered list, you can specify which type you want to use for the bullets or numbers. The types are these:

Ordered List Types

You use the Types like this:

Ordered List Type Letters

You can specify a start, as well. But the start has to be a number:

Ordered List Type start numbers

So that List will be uppercase letters, starting at the 7th letter, or 'G'.

There are three types of bullets you can use for unordered lists: Disc, Circle, and Square. You use them like this:

Unordered List Types

The default is Disc. So if you want round black circles for your bullets, you can miss the TYPE attribute off:

Notepad showing the HTML for an Unordered List

And here are the results in a browser:

Browser showing an Unordered List

Try out the various lists in your HTML code, and add the different types to the code. That way you will get a feel for how they are used, and what they look like.

In the next section, you'll get an introduction to Cascading Stylesheets.

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