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Viewing your web pages in a browser

To view the results, open up an explorer window. In Windows, this is done by holding down the Windows keys and then pressing the letter E on your keyboard. Or click your Start menu in the bottom left, and then click on Computer. On a Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock.

Navigate to where you saved your HTML page. In our case, this was a folder we created called HTML, which is on our network:

Explorer window showing a web page in a folder.

In the image above we have a file called firstwebpage.html. If yours has .txt on the end instead of .html then try again because it's not a web page but a text document.

Double click your HTML file and it will launch in your default browser. For us, this is Firefox. Yours might be Internet Explorer or Safari. You should see a blank white page with your TITLE at the top. Here's the Firefox version:

Web page in Firefox.

And here's the same page in Internet Explorer:

Web page in Internet Explorer

Notice that in both versions the TITLE we added is at the very top of the screen ' 'My First Page'. The same TITLE can be seen further down, at the top of each browser tab.

Change the TITLE tag to something other than 'My First Page'. Click File > Save in your text editor. Switch back to your browser and press F5 to refresh the page. Your new TITLE should appear at the top of the screen and at the top of the browser tab.

In the next section, you'll learn how to create a HTML template.

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