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Sharing your Java Programmes

You can send your programmes to other people so that they can run them. To do that, you need to create a JAR file (Java Archive). NetBeans can do all this for you. From the Run menu at the top, select Clean and Build Main Project.

When you do, NetBeans saves your work and then creates all the necessary files. It will create a folder called dist and place all the files in there. Have a look in the place where your NetBeans projects are and you'll see the dist folder:

The Java dist folder

Double click the dist folder to see what's inside of it:

A Java Archive file - JAR

You should see a JAR file and README text file. On some systems, you may also see a README text file. The text file contains instructions on how to run the program from a terminal/console window. Don't worry if you don't see this text file.

Now that you know how to run your java source files, let's do some programming.

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