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On this page, you will find resources and links to help you with your studies. Links are assessed for the quality of the tutorials (if any), and what level the material is aimed at. The links are split in to sections, and all open in a new window. We've chosen links based on whether or not they offer free tutorials and lessons.

Visual Basic .NET Resources and Links

Visual Basic Express Edition
Get the free Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition here. If you can't afford VB .NET or Visual Studio, this is the next-best thing. You can do all of our NET course with this.
The VB Zone (Intermediate to Advanced)
This site is run by professional programmer and web developer Kevin Wilson. More of a resource site than a tutorial site. Links to quite a few good NET sites.
Visual Basic Tutorial (Beginners)
Excellent set of tutorials from Chris, a VB programmer with more than 20 experience. Well worth a visit.

C# .NET Resources and Links
Some great tutorials and tips here for those learning C# .net. Great blog!

Javascript Resources and Links

JavaScript Learning Center (Beginner)
An interactive JavaScript course, with plenty of assignments. There's also a great Labs section. A well-written and thought-out site that's highly recommended. One to Bookmark!
Voodoo's (Beginner to Intermediate)
Author Stefan Koch's Javascript website. The layout of the tutorials could be improved, but the quality is first-class.
Echo JavaScript Tutorials (Beginner to Intermediate)
One of the best JavaScript tutorial sites on the internet. A great layout, and very well designed site. Tutorials are ideal for beginners. Well worth a visit.
MediaCollege (Beginner to Intermediate)
Some very good Javascript tutorials here. Especially if you're just getting up and running. Even if you're not interested in Javascript, this site has plenty of other tutorials to keep you busy. (The Video and Audio sections are well worth your time.)

Microsoft Office Resources and Links

Word MVP (Beginner to Advanced)
Very original site layout. When you visit this site, remember: it's a web page! Lots of tutorials, on a wide-range of subjects. The MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional, so these good people really know their stuff. Another one for your Bookmarks.
UW-Eau Claire (Beginner)
A well-designed website from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. This is not just a great site for Word tutorials (which are first-class), but they have plenty of other online lessons, too: Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Dreamweaver, and lots more. Definitely one to bookmark.
Florida Gulf Coast University (Beginner)
A good set of Office tutorials here, aimed at beginners to the subject. Well designed, and easy to follow. They also have Microsoft Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Frontpage tutorials.
Video Jug (Beginner)
If you prefer to learn using videos then this site has a huge range of lessons. Although the link above leads to Excel tutorials, the site itself is well worth exploring.

IT training, Certification and Qualifications

Certifications of Completion
Some great information here about certificates. Not just IT certificates, but everything from business to teaching qualifications.

General Tutorials, Tips and Info

Computer help - MalekTips ( Beginner to Advanced)
Tips and resources for all skill levels. Windows, DOS, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, electronic mail, the Internet, digital cameras, HTML, Netscape, and more.
GeekGirls ( Beginner to Advanced)
Some great guides for Windows, the Internet in general, and computer security. Can be a godsend if your PC is any trouble! Some good database stuff, too. Highly recomended.
IT Buddy ( Beginner to Intermediate)
Some great tutorials here, and lots of free PFDs to download: Vista, Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and a whole lot more besides.
TechTutorials ( Beginner to Advanced)
Directory site with tons of links to quality free tutorials, on a wide-range of subjects. Has a ranking system where users can vote for their favourite sites.
Typing Lessons
Fancy learning how to type, without paying any money? Some great online typing lessons here
Technology Basics
Focuses on understanding technology and how to work things. A great layout, with tutorials easy to find. Well worth a visit.
Computer Too Slow ( Beginners )
An excellent resource for those of you with slow computers. But well worth a visit for everyone, as there's some top tips and tutorials here.
Python Tutorials for Beginners ( Beginners )
A decent little site for those wanting to get to grips with the Python programming language.
Teach ICT ( Beginners )
A great video site, here. Everything from Microsoft Office to the ECDL. Well worth a visit.
After Hours Programming ( Beginner to Intermediate)
Some great free courses here, if you're new to programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ColdFusion, Python, SQL, SEO, Graphic Design, and Information Architecture. Excellent site!