Going Wireless - What to Buy

In this section, we'll discuss what wireless kit to buy. We've scoured the PC magazines, poured through oodles of reviews, and come up with some hand-picks for you. If you're not sure about what exactly wireless is, then read the first part of our guide.

What to look for

When your buying a wireless router and wireless adaptor, there are a few things to look out for. For wireless routers, the first decision is whether your need one with an in-built modem. These are for ADSL broadband users. If you're on cable broadband, then DON'T buy a wireless router that has ADSL in the title. Over the next four pages, we've picked two ADSL wireless routers, and two wireless routers for cable broadband users. Here's a checklist of things to consider when buying wireless routers and wireless adaptors.

Wireless Router Checklist

  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Does it have an ADSL modem built-in?
  • Will it work with the laptop/notebook I have?
  • Is security easy to set up?
  • What kind of distances can it cope with?

Wireless Adaptor Checklist

  • Do you need a Wireless Adaptor, or have you got one built-in to a laptop?
  • Should I get a USB wireless adaptor or one that fits in the computer?
  • Will the adaptor I buy work with the wireless router?

We've chosen four wireless routers - two for ADSL broaband users and two for Cable users. We've also chosen wireless adaptors that go well with the router. There's a review for each router and adaptor on the next four pages, along with some scores out of 5. The first two pages are for ADSL users. The first Cable router is here: Cable Wirless Routers

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