Add a Signature to all outgoing emails

You can add a message to all outgoing emails in Outlook Express. If you have received an email from somebody with AVG anti-virus, for example, you'll see something like "Checked by AVG Free Edition" at the bottom of the email. This gets added automatically by the programme. It's called a Signature.

To set up your own Signatures, or perhaps just to have your name added automatically to all outgoing emails, do the following.

How to add a Signature in Outlook Express

From the main Outlook Express screen click the Tools menu at the top. From the Tools menu, select Options. From the Options dialogue box, click the Signatures tab, as in the image below:

The Signature tab in Outlook Express

Click the New button to create a new signature. It will have a default name of something like "Signature #1":

Add a New Signature

In the "Edit Signature" text area below, make sure Text is selected:

Make sure Text is selected

Click inside of the text area and type the text you want to add to all outgoing messages:

Add your text

At the top of the Signatures tab, make sure "Add signatures to all outgoing messages" is ticked:

Signature settings

To give your signature a more memorable name, click the Rename button. Then type a new name for your signature:

Rename your signature

If you have more than one signature set up, you can make one of them the default. Just click a signature to highlight it, and then click button "Set as Default"

To test out your new signature - send yourself an email. The email you get back should now have your new signature on it. If it's not quite what you wanted, go back to the signatures tab and edit your work.

If you have more than one signature set up, you can choose which one to insert. Create a new email, then click the Insert menu at the top of the new email. From the Insert menu, select Signature. You should see the signatures you have set up. Select one to insert it into your email. (If Signature is unavailable, it means you haven't clicked inside the Body of the email. Your cursor is probably in the "To", "CC", or "Subject" areas.)

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