Adding an Attachment with Outlook Express

To add a document as an attachment, do the following.

  • Create your new email
  • Then click Attach (the paper clip icon) in the toolbar

Click the Paper Clip to Attach a file

  • The Insert Attachment dialogue box appears. You now have to search for that file you want to send

The Insert Attachment dialogue box

  • To search for your file, click the little black down-pointing arrow, to the right of "Look in".
  • A drop down list appears. In the image we have moved the mouse pointer down to "Local Disk (C:)". A list of files and folders will be displayed.
  • In the image below, we have double-clicked the wpProjects folder to get inside of it:

Select the File you want to attach

  • Click on the file you want to attach (click once, left mouse button)
  • Then click the grey button that says Attach.
  • A copy of the file will be added as an attachment to your email
  • You email will now look like the one below

The file has been added to the email

As you can see, there is now an Attach text box. The document we wanted is displayed in the text box, along with how big it is: imageFile.jpg (39.0KB). In other words, we'll be sending an email with an attachment that is 39 kilobytes.

You can click the Send icon to send your email.

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