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This is a full and free computer course for Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2013. If you're not sure whether or not you're in the right place take a look at Section 1.1 below, A First Look at Excel. By the time you've finished the course you'll be an intermediate Excel user. So good luck!

For those who have older versions of Excel (versions up to 2003) then your tutorials are here: Excel 2000 to 2003 (Or use the links on the left.)

  > Section One - Make a Start with Excel  
1 A first look at Excel 2007/2010

2 Excel Rows and Columns

3 Enter text and numbers in a Cell

4 How to Edit text in a Cell

5 How to Centre text and numbers

6 Font Formatting in Excel 2007/2010

7 How to change the colour of a Cell

8 How to Save your work in Excel

9 Currency Symbols in Excel 2007/2010

10 How to Merge Cells

11 Review Number One

  > Section Two - A more complex spreadsheet  
1 Introduction to Section Two

2 How to use AutoFill in Excel 2007/2010

3 Entering Simple Addition Formula

4 The SUM Function in Excel

5 The SUM Function Continued

6 Copy and Paste

7 How to use Paste Special

8 How to Multiply in Excel 2007/2010

9 Finishing your spreadsheet for this section

10 How to Add a Comment to a Cell

11 Review Number Two

  > Section Three - Excel 2007/2010 Charts  
1 How to Sort Data in Excel

2 Create an Excel Chart

3 Move and Resize your Chart

4 Chart Styles and Layouts

5 Chart Titles and Series Titles

6 Chart Layout Panel in Excel 2007/2010

7 The Format Chart Panel

8 Create a Pie Chart in Excel

9 Add Labels to a Pie Chart

10 Format Pie Chart Segments

11 Create a 2D Line Chart in Excel

12 Format your Axis Titles

13 Predict the future with a Trendline Chart

14 Sparkline Charts

  > Section Four - Formulas in Excel 2007/2010  

1 The SUM Function

2 How to Multiply in Excel

3 Subtract and Divide

4 Combining the Arithmetic Operators

5 A Budget Spreadsheet

  > Section Five - Functions in Excel 2007/2010  

1 The Average Function

2 The Date Function

3 Time Functions in Excel

4 A TimeTable Project

5 Financial Functions

6 The Student Averages Project

  > Section Six - Conditional Logic in Excel  

1 The IF Function

2 Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007/2010

3 CountIF

4 SumIF


  > Section Seven - Processing Data in Excel  

1 Data Tables in Excel 2007/2010

2 A Second Data Table

3 Excel Scenarios

4 Goal Seek

5 Absolute Cell References

6 Named Ranges in Excel 2007/2010

7 Create a Custom Name in Excel

8 Excel Pivot Tables

9 Pivot Tables, Part Two

10 Reference other Worksheets

11 The LOOKUP Function

12 The VLOOKUP Function in Excel

13 Create a Business Invoice, Part One

14 Excel Business Invoice, Part Two

15 Business Invoice, Part Three

  > Section Eight - Advanced Excel 2007/2010  
1 How to Create an Excel Template

2 Data Forms in Excel 2007/2010

3 Drop Down Lists in Excel

4 Add your own Error Messages

5 Excel and Web Integration

6 Hyperlinks in Excel

7 Object Linking and Embedding

8 Insert Drawing Objects

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