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Our Home and Learn website has been on the internet since 2002. We offer full computer tutorials and lessons free of charge. You can also buy a PDF book version of our courses, for ease of use and reading offline.

The owner of the business is Ken Carney. Contact details for Home and Learn are below.


Contact Details

We are based in the United Kingdom, and our street address, if you want to write to us, is:

4 Beatrice House
Albert Court
United Kingdom

Telephone number is:

UK: 0191 565 3216

email address (the link opens in a new window to defeat the spammers):

Privacy Policy

We conform to the UK Data Protection Act. We don't sell or share your details to third parties, or give out information about you to unauthorised people. We only need your details to process your order. Anything else, and it would be a breach of your privacy. If you think your privacy has been breached, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can get our contact details above.

This site only uses cookies in the exam section and in the BookStore. We don't collect email addresses at all!

Paying by Credit Card - 2CO

We've teamed up with a company called 2co to handle the selling of our books and courses. They act as a reseller for us. These good people offer far more security than we could ever hope for. When you click a link to buy one of our books or order a course, you will be taken to their (very) secure servers. You will see a description of what you want to buy, the price, and the shipping charges (if any). You then click the "Check out" button to go to the payment pages.

If everything is ok with your details and credit card information, your order will go through. They then send an email to you confirming the order. They will also send us an email at the same time, telling us about your order.

2co won't release your funds to us until we can verify that your order has been processed. This gives you another level of security. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please get in touch immediately.

If you have any queries at all, or just want a little chat before placing an order, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Ken Carney

Home and Learn