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How to Format Text with Word Art

In a previous lesson, we added some text to an AutoShape. The text we added was just plain text, which was then formatted with a font of our chosing. Another option is to use Word Art. We'll explore that in this lesson.

Examples of Word Art are these:

Word Art One

Word Art Two

Word Art Three

To insert some Word Art of your own, do the following:

  • Click the slanted blue A in the Drawing toolbar:

Click the slanted blue A

  • The Word Art dialogue box appears. It looks like the one below:

The Word Art dialogue box

As you can see, there are lots of different styles to choose from. Select a style and click it with your left mouse button. Click the OK button and you'll get another dialogue box popping up. This one is where you type in your text, and change the font and font size.

Click the OK button when you've typed your text, and your Word Art will appear on the page. Another thing that appears is the Word Art toolbar:

The WordArt toolbar

Click each of the options on the toolbar and see what it does to your Word Art. You can do things like change the letter spacing, add a different fill colour, and rotate the text. You can always click Edit > Undo to go back to your original letters.

In the next part of the lesson, we'll see how to format some Word Art, rotate it and add a touch of 3D.

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