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Which operating system do I have?

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To see which Operating System you have take a look at the bottom left of your computer screen. If you see a button that looks like this:

The Windows XP start button

then you have Windows XP. The tutorials for your Operating System are here:

Windows XP Tutorials

If, however, you see a round button like this one:

Windows 7 and Vista start button

then you have either Windows Vista or Windows 7. To check which you have (Vista or Windows 7) click the round button once with your left mouse button. You'll see a menu appear:

The Start Menu in Windows 7 and Vista

From the menu, click on Control Panel on the right-hand side. You'll then see a new screen appear. From this new screen, click on System and Security:

Control Panel items

When you click on System and Security, you'll be taken to a new screen:

System and Security Control Panel Item

Click on System to see the following screen:

Basic System Information about your computer

As you can see, the computer above is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

In any case, both Windows 7 and Vista tutorials are here:

Windows 7 and Vista tutorials

But you should now know which Operating System you have.


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