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On this page, you'll find links to simple, one-page tutorials. They are all aimed at complete beginners. The first section details the kind of qualifications and certificates you can get in IT. Further down, we have lots of Windows XP and Windows 7. We've now added tutorials for Windows 10.

Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 10


  > Computer Qualifications and Certificates NEW  
1 ECDL - Beginners Certificate

2 NVQ - Work Related Certificate (UK)

3 BTEC in Information Technology (UK)

4 Work in the NHS (for non-nurses)

5 Comptia A+ (highly regarded certificate)

6 Comptia Network+

7 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

8 Microsoft MCSE and MCSA

9 Microsoft Programming Qualifications

  > How to Secure your PC from Intruders  
1 Are you infected with SpyWare?

2 How to tackle Spam

3 Anti-Virus Protection- Our Recommendation

4 Why you NEED a Firewall!

5 What is a Trojan, and should I be worried?

6 What is a RootKit

7 Online Banking - Essential Security

  > Beginners Guide to Going Wireless  
1 The Basics of Going Wireless

2 Wireless Adaptors - you need one!

3 Wireless Routers Explained - all the Jargon!

4 What are wireless signals?

5 Are Wireless Signals Dangerous?

6 Going Wireless - What to Buy

7 Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router

8 US Robotics Wireless MAXg

9 Belkin Broadband Wireless Router

10 Buffalo AirStation G54 High Power


Which Operating System do I have: XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista?


  > Windows XP Tutorials   > Windows 7 (and Vista) Tutorials
1 The Windows XP Desktop

2 Exploring the Start Menu

3 How to Create a Desktop Shortcut

4 The Hard Drive Explained

5 How Big is your Hard Drive?

6 The Windows Explorer tool

7 How to Create a New Folder

8 Moving Folders on your Hard Drive

9 Copy from a CD to a Hard Drive

10 Finding Files with Windows XP

11 Windows XP and Wallpapers

12 How to change your Screen Saver

13. Zip and Unzip files with WinZip

1 The Windows 7 Desktop

2 Desktop Wallpaper

3 The Taskbar

4 Setting the Date and Time

5 Toolbars

6 The Windows 7 Start Button

7 Share your computer with others

8 Setting Parental Controls in Windows 7

9 hard_drives explained

10 The importance of file extensions

11 Copying Pictures to a New Folder

12 Adding Information to an Image

13 Sorting Images

14 How to take a Screenshot in Windows 7

  > Windows XP - Delving Deeper  
1 Accessibility Options - StickyKeys

2 Accessibility Options - FilterKeys

3 Accessibility Options - Mouse

4 How to Install a New Font

5 Power Options

6 Folder Options

7 Customize Your Folder Views

8 Change the Sounds that Window XP makes

9 Task Bar Settings

10 Customize Your Start Menu

11 Windows XP User Account

12 Windows XP Security Centre

13 System Properties - General Tab

14 Take your PC back to an earlier Date

15 System Properties - Advanced

16 How to change your Home Page

17 Internet Options - Security

18 Privacy - What is a Cookie?

19 Internet Options - Content Advisor

20 Internet Options - AutoComplete

  > Outlook Express Email Tutorials  
1. How to Set up an new Email account

2 How to Add Email Attachments

3. How to Backup Emails in Outlook Express

4. How to Restore your Outlook Express Emails

5. Backup an Outlook Express Address Book

6. Backup an Outlook Express Email Account

7. Set up a Second Outlook Express Account

8. Add a Signature to all outgoing emails

9. Outlook Express Stationery

10. Create your own stationery

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